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An Old Soul


People tell me I’m an old soul.

Truth is, I’m somewhere between 10 and 14 years old but nobody knows for sure. Mom says I’m “10 years older than God.” I think she is dyslexic and correct her. “Dog” I say, but she doesn’t understand me—even though I understand most of what she says—so, it still comes out the same.

I may be old—but when I dream, I’m only four. In my dreams, my legs are strong and powerful. My bark is clear and commanding. And, I can hunt and play for hours.

In my dreams, my brother is still alive.

But when I awaken, I am old again. Old and stiff, with joints that ache as I rise from my bed. With legs that barely support me at times. But I lift myself to my feet with a smile, because I know that with every nap I take, I can relive the best of my childhood. And, when I’m awake, I know I am well loved.

4 Responses to “An Old Soul”

  1. hj says:

    I guess it is a dogs life.

  2. mbj says:

    You are indeed an old wise and gentle soul, and a beloved one. Everyone at the farm is much taken with you, and there was actually competition about who would be adopted by you.

  3. caroline says:

    To an old soul,
    your young visitors fell in love with you.
    may you enjoy your wonderful new life in your old age.

  4. Patch's mum says:

    sweet soul..

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