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My Pig Sister



This is Wilma.

She’s a big part of my life. I know she’s a pig—but she’s pretty much like a sister to me.

She knows a thing or two about getting what she wants. Stubborn. Obstinate. Okay I admit it, irritatingly adorable, but I’d protect her with my life.

I used to try to herd her around, but I’ve stopped wasting my time. She answers to nobody—unless there is food involved.

Oh, did I tell you? She whinnies like a horse.


2 Responses to “My Pig Sister”

  1. fredb says:

    “Bacon, Bacon I smell Bacon”

    I’m channeling a dog that hears the call of the wild and cant wait to rip the throat out of that noisy stinky bossy little pig.

  2. mbj says:

    Wilma would like everyone to know that she is NOT stinky. She says she is bodacious , rubenesque and enjoys making friends of many species, especially those who enjoy sharing treats or give good tummy rubs. Throatrippers need not apply!

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