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Good Company


Momma says I’m good company.

You know that kind of friend. The one that makes you feel good just to be in their presence. No need for talking (a shortcoming of mine); you just enjoy one another’s company. Well, she’s that kind of friend to me. And, I count myself lucky.

We had a lazy day today. It was a warm day. Warm enough to open every door and let the breeze waft through the house.

We moved from the front stoop to the deck—chasing the sun. Soaking it in. Letting it warm our brows. Feeling the heat soothe our backbones. She with a book, I with my thoughts. It was lovely.

The birds were all a chatter, making it hard for me to nap. And, the rooster ‘cross the creek was still crowing well into the afternoon. A celebration of sorts, but one I chose to acknowledge horizontally.

2 Responses to “Good Company”

  1. maria in sydney, australia says:

    I am sure you are good company pup. No need to talk. Side by side both of you enjoying the sun’s rays. What a lovely picture. Your Momma is very clever. I am sure you know this. And so are you! I like the way your thoughts go. You are like a Haiku master. A few words well chosen suffice to suck me into your world. I appreciate that…

  2. Kay Dixon says:

    Oh dear Pup, you are the best of company to her and her to you. Each day more explorations either of place or mind or soul…your gentleness oozes..your eyes see deeper than you’ll ever realize. You are trust. You are such a good pup.

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