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It happened again the other day.

It always takes me by surprise. This pain. Then total loss of control.

I falter—and as my legs buckle she is there beside me to brace my fall. I collapse to the ground. Defeated. Bewildered. Distressed.

We were out by the barn just down the drive. We started to climb—by the paddock and up the hill, towards that tree with which she is so taken.

My front leg twitches, in solidarity I think, with the hind legs that are about to fail me. She sees my awkward gait. Her arms wrap ‘round me. “It’s okay, pup.” she says as I try to collect myself. I need a moment to reorient, to regain the trust in my appendages.

As she comforts me, the young mare approaches us. Slowly she moves. Curious. Concerned. Lilly, I think she’s called. To my surprise, momma consoles her too. “It’s okay, sweet thing,” she says as she extends her hand to stroke a velvety muzzle. “We’ll be fine. This happens sometimes.”

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  1. maria in sydney, australia says:

    Here is a kiss in the forehead for you pup (chuik!) to make you better. Just to cheer you up, I have some good news to tell you. I have taken the liberty to give your site’s address to my doggie club in Sydney which is full of people who will love to read your musings. I think you could be a star and get fan-mail all the way from Down Under! Wouldn’t that be cool? It is anything but cool here at the moment. It’s the middle of summer and there are bush fires raging in many places. It is always touching to read about what risks people take to save their pet companions. Some horses have died and some pups too. It is all very sad…so enjoy the snow for now even if it is from your sunny veranda.

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