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Shades of Green


How many shades of green make up this view of mine?

I ask her this as we wander somewhat aimlessly today. “As many as there are shades of brown in your lovely coat, I suppose, my pup,” she says as she smiles at me.

As many, momma, as there are shades of white in a winter landscape? “Yes, pup. At least that many.” As many colors as light our sky at sunrise, momma? “I suppose that’s so, pup.”

What about the leaves of fall? Do you think our trees will turn shades of amber? “Of that, I am sure, pup.”

Let’s play a game, momma. I’m thinking of a color…


2 Responses to “Shades of Green”

  1. Kay says:

    I really love how you see the world pup!
    As you were relishing the shades and tints of green, I was being mesmerized nearby by the light dancing on the recently mowed hay fields…the undulating lines reaching beyond the horizon…the browns, purples, greens, yellows and soft ambers.
    The textures changing in the wind..the sky filled with low floating clouds. How lucky we are pup to have so much of life to celebrate…you have a good life…you and your momma…there is nothing more real.

  2. Lynne Parry says:

    I have been following your progress, we have so much in common, my own dear pup is 16+ and I recognize something in all your posts, we have so much in common. Your last post definitely had me wiping a tear away, you write so beautifully,
    Thank you.

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