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Certain Things We Know


There are certain things we know; we intuit.

Death has hounded me for months. I can even smell it on my breath. We’ve done a masterful job of staying just ahead of it. Outrunning it. Outsmarting it. But it is the natural order of things, momma. And death is relentless.

I see it every day in our walks. A carcass stripped clean. The shell of a Robin’s egg. I hear the cries at the climax of a hunt. They are all just outside our window, beyond the comfort of our door.

“Look, pup!” you said to me last night as we took our walk near the pond. “It looks like heat lightening.” But Momma, we both know, I replied with a look. It is the fireflies again, and this time I am ready. It is time now for you to let me go.

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  1. Kay says:

    You are a treasure to your Momma, dear Pup.
    You have been her solace, her friend, her companion, her soul mate, and a precious jewel in every way.

    There are no words to speak at times like these…she will feel the wind blowing your secrets through the trees…the rain will sprinkle star dust on her and the earth and sun and stars will always bring you back to her…in ways we never knew possible.

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