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We have come full circle, you and I.

Today you made me scrambled eggs. That was our first meal together, momma. Do you remember? That day I came to your door and asked you with my eyes—would you take me in? You said yes. “Yes, sweet pup. I will take care of you.”

Then, I ate my eggs ravenously. With as much gusto as a tired soul could muster. I was grateful. I was nervous. I had never known such kindness.

Today, I ate eggs from your hand. One mouthful at a time. Tentatively, as I wrestled with a question. Am I confusing my love for you with hunger? Momma, I have no appetite. This I have tried to tell you. But you are there, with food in hand. So I eat to comfort you now.

Be merciful, momma. I am an old soul and it is as you have said, “I can not keep you for myself, my pup.” There are others, many others, who are calling me.

I wonder. Like our friend the moon, will I too, live on for generations? “Yes, my pup,” you assure me as you stroke my forehead. “You have left an indelible mark on this world. You have touched my heart. You, my blessed, are everlasting.”

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