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Too Early


The bushes are everywhere.

Throughout the property, I have seen them as we take our walks. It seems they were all just in flower.

She eyes the bright red berries. Glistening in sunshine. Not yet ripe—but begging to be picked. “Too early,” momma says with a sigh. We must watch them, she explains.

“The birds will know they’ve ripened long before we do, pup.” I study her face. The birds? Must we fight for our fair share? I am now concerned.

When it gets closer, I will stand look out. But momma, I tell her. You must hold the basket.

2 Responses to “Too Early”

  1. Catherine Staples says:


    These are heartbreakingly sad and beautiful entries. I like the arc of the sequence, it seems the loss of the dog is not so much a loss as transformation into the natural world. My favorite on rereading is still the first entry with the geese. Its an odd thing but I think dog’s and horses are the repositories of all losses. No one else absorbs the daily moments of our life
    quite as well as an animal, they get the full unedited versions or our lives, they are perhaps the truest observers!

  2. Jessie says:

    What a beautiful story. It made me cry. I’ve had pets that I loved dearly but could never put into words the way I felt as you did.

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