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We Shall Meet Again


Not yet twenty-four hours have passed, since I left you.

Already though, much has happened and I feel a burden lifted. I have been back to the ruin, momma, and she was there. It was as though she expected me. She rose from the stoop with doll in hand and a warm smile to greet me.

“You have come to keep me company, pup!” she exclaimed. “I am so happy to see you.” Then she motioned for me to follow. We wandered down the drive, where you and I first met, and where we once felt her presence. Where the stream still rushes to the meet the creek. Then up the hill she led me to our tree, the one of which you were so fond.

Oh momma, how I’ll miss your company. But I am comforted to know, as I watch you sleeping fitfully now, that when you wake, you will feel my presence. You will know that I have come to visit.

It was not by chance that I found you, momma. We were destined to be together and we shall meet again.

I must leave you for now, as she is calling me. “Come sweet pup,” she beckons. “We must go. It is time to tell the heron that you have finally learned how to fly.”

Yes, momma, I can fly.  It is wonderful. I am graceful. And I am free.

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