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Author’s Note


If we are lucky in this life, we will experience a few special relationships. Their presence is buoying, enriching, and satisfying in ways that makes life truly worthwhile.

This is the story of one such relationship. It is a reminder of the indelible mark one can have on another, a mark that ignores the finality of death, and forever changes us for the better.

2 Responses to “Author’s Note”

  1. John Keenum says:

    Dear Liz,

    We met when AAS had its spring meeting in San Francisco. Your mother sent your book, and it arrived just a week after we lost our best friend, Badger, a 13-yea-old Corgi.

    Cried and smiled reading your book.



  2. Hope Marchbank says:

    Dear Liz,

    I had seen your book on the Best Blurb Book site and knew I had to order it. I have read many, many animal books over the years but not one has touched me as deeply as “Walks With Sierra”.

    An absolutely beautiful book not only in the photography but you have such a way with words when describing the scenes, the walks, the geese, the feelings…..tears poured down when you had pointed out to Pup the fireflies and Pup told you they were a host of angels.

    You touched the soul and the heart and you brought Sierra so vivedly to life that I weep for you and with you on the passing of a beautiful old soul.

    I have shared my book with several friends, including my vets, and as they pass it on they always tell the people to have the tissues ready.

    Thank you for writing such a loving tribute to Sierra and sharing the story with us.

    I will remember Sierra.


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